Nikolay Kulebyakin

1959 born in Fryazino, Moscow Region
1981 graduated from the Mossoviet Technical College, Moscow
1979 first exhibitions
1988 first of numerous exhibitions abroad



Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Fine Arts Museum, Santa Fe, U.S.A.

Harry Ransom Human Research Center, University of Texas, Austin, USA

Foto Forum 38 Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

private collection in Russia, the United States, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.A.

Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna, Russia

Collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, Russia


His artist’s books are in following collections (selected):

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, U.S.A.

Museum of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.A.

Museum of Photography, San-Diego, U.S.A.

Fine Arts Museum, Santa Fe, U.S.A.

Australian Center of Photography, Sydney, Australia

Agency Apeiron, Athens, Greece

State Museum of Fine Arts n.a. Pushkin (Pushkin Fine Arts Museum), Moscow, Russia

European Photography Collection, Germany


Personal exhibitions (selected):

1985 Photo Club «Fryazino», Fryazino, Moscow Region

1988 Gallery on Vasilevsky, Moscow

1992 Exhibition – concert of musicians of the Vienna Conservatory – Gallery Foto Forum 38 Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

1996 «Portraits of Actors» – Institute of Fine Arts, Moscow
«The per–fection colours» – ROCIZO State Center for Museums and Exhibitions, Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow

1999 «Style» – «Burganov Centre» Museum of Classic and Contemporary Art, Moscow

2001 «Fragments» – Gallery Image, Arhus, Denmark

2002 «Photographs from various years» – Gallery «Eye», Moscow House of Photography, Moscow

2002 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Fragments» – Institute of Culture of Bulgaria, Moscow, Russia

2004 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Conditional and Unconditional» – Gallery WAM, Moscow, Russia

2005 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Black and White Photography» – Center of Contemporary Photography, Colorado, Denver, USA.

2005–2006 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Photographs» – Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

2006 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Photographs» – Museum of Photography, S–Petersburg, Russia
«Nikolay Kulebyakin. City in a Distance. Berlin. Moscow» – Center of National Cultures, Moscow, Russia

2008    «Nikolay Kulebyakin. The Color Only» – Gallery Espectro, within the frameworks of I International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Krasnodar, Russia

2011 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Platinotypes» – Meglinskaya Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2013 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Three series» – GLAZ [EYE] Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014  “Nikolay Kulebyakin” – Neringos Istorijos Muziejos, Neringa, Lithuania

2015  “Nikolay Kulebyakin. Language of Memory”- Exhibition Hall of Krasnodar Art College, within the frameworks of PhotoVisa, International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar

2017 “Nikolay Kulebyakin. Reality and Fantasy” – Gallery Art of Photo (exhibition from collection of Museum of Organic Culture), Kolomna  

2017 “Nikolay Kulebyakin. Development of Unconditional” – Open Gallery, within the frameworks of 27th International festival of photography “Month of Photography”, Bratislava, Slovakia

2018 Nikolay Kulebyakin “Theatre of iron”, Museum “Magnezit”, Satka

2019 Nikolay Kulebykin “Breaking the Square”, Gallery “Hortus”, Moscow

2019 Nikolay Kulebyakin, Breaking the Square, solo-show, Museum of the History  of Vitebsk Public Art College, Vitebsk, Belorussia (within PhotoKrock festival of photography) «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Shadow Alienates, Light Connects» within the show of seven solo-collections «Line of Light in Shadow Nothing» (curator Irina Chmyreva) – XIX International festival of Photography in Pingyao (PIP), China

2019 «Nikolay Kulebyakin. Shadow Alienates, Light Connects» within the show of seven solo-collections «Enigmatic» (curator Irina Chmyreva) – II week of international photography PHOTO BAOHE 2019, Hefei, China


Participation in group exhibitions (selected):

1984 «Photo Lens And Life» – Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Moscow

1988 «Soviet Photographers» – Gallery Hippolite, Helsinki, Finland
«Contemporary Soviet Photography» – Kunsthalle Brandts Klaedefabrik, Museet for Fotokunst, International Centre of Fine Arts And Culture, Odense, Denmark
«Contemporary Soviet Photography» – Stockholm, Sweden
«Say Cheese!» – Gallery Comptoir de la Photographie, Paris, France; Gallery Portfolio, London, Great Britain; Cinema Museum, Moscow

1989 «150 Years of Photography» – Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Moscow

1990 «Other views» – Podgio-a-Caiano, Italy

1991 «Changing Reality» – Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
«Moscow – Zurich» – Gallery Foto Forum 38 Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
«New Acquisitions in The Museum Collection» – Fine Arts Museum, Santa Fe, U.S.A.

1992 «Old New Photography» – Centre of Modern Art, Moscow
Exhibition of Russian Photography, Mois de la Photo, Paris, France

1993 «In Search of My Father» – Paris, France; Lausanne, Switzerland

1994 «The Art of Contemporary Photography: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus» – Central House Of Artists, Moscow
«4+4» – Fine Arts Museum, Santa Fe, U.S.A.

1995 «Shroud of Thoughts» – Central House of Artists, Moscow
«New Photo Art in Russia» – Carlsrue – Frankfurt – Hannover – Dusseldorf – Herten, Germany

1998 «Breakthrough» – Cologne, Germany

2000 «To Buy Art» – Art-Fair «Art Manege», Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Moscow

2002 «New Pieces in Storage Place of Museum. Photography from Eastern Europe» – Fine Arts Museum, Santa-Fe, USA

2004–2005 «Photographs of the Gallery» – Gallery LUMAS, Berlin, Germany – NY, USA

2005 «Exhibition of Photography Coming to Collection in 2002» – Department of Photography, Harry Ransom Human Research Center, Университет University of Texas, Austin, USA

2005 «New Books on Photography in Museum Collection» – Museum of Photography, San Diego, USA

2007 «Fragments» and «Landscapes by Lee Bo» by Kulebyakin within the frameworks of Krasnoyarsk fair of Book Culture – Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2007–2008 «End of the Year: Selected works from the projects 2007 in one exposition» – pARTner project Gallery, Moscow

2008    «12th International Art Fair ART MOSCOW», booth of the pARTner  project Gallery – Central House of Artists, Moscow
«Contemporary Russian Art» – Museum Danubiana, Bratislava, Slovakia; Museum of Contemporary Art MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary

2010 “East Calls West” – X Pingyao International Photography festival (PIP), Pingyao, China

2012 «Perestroika. Liberalization. Experimentation» (77 authors, curators E.Berezner, I. Chmyreva, N. Tarasova, W. Watriss) within the frameworks of main program Contemporary Russian Photography of the International Biennale of Photography FotoFest 2012 in Houston, USA
“XXI. My Pacific” (21 artists, 21 countries – project run by Foundation FotoFond of RIA Novosti Agency) presented at the state Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2015 “Sovetskoe FOTO (Soviet Photo). Dedicated to Soviet time photographic magazine Soviet Photo” – Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow
“Crossings” – Black Dog. Krasnye Kholmy (Red Hills) Gallery, Moscow

2017  “Phases of Moon” – 16th International Kansk Festival. Kansk, Russia


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Personal albums/books/projects

Project «Theatre Of Iron» – Calendar. Moscow, 1999.

Project «Fragments» on verses of Arseny Tarkovsky – Album. Postface by M. Tarkovsky – Publishing Group «Arbor», Moscow, 2000 – ISBN 5–900048–11–x.

«Snap Shot» Book A. Robe Grillet with photographs of N. Kulebyakin – Publishing House «Strategy», Moscow, 2000 – ISBN 5–9234–0008–1.

Project «Series About Drawings» – calendar. – BRUKER, Moscow, 2002.

«Architector Boris Velikovsky. 1878–1937» – Text by Larissa Kopilova and Sergey Merzhanov, photographs of Nikolay Kulebyakin, design by Mikhail Avvakumov. Project author Dimitry Velikovsky. – Publisher ARBOR, Moscow, 2002 – ISBN 5–900048–21–7.

Nikolay Kulebyakin. Photographic series /Conditional&Unconditional. Text by I. Tchmyreva. 2 volumes – Publishing House «Linia-Grafic», Moscow, 2003 – ISBN 5–93154–008–3, 5–93154–009–1.

«50 anniversary of Pushkin State Fine Art Museum» – Calendar – Moscow, 2007

«Beautiful books by eyes of Evgeny Korneev and Nikolay Kulebyakin», text by C.  Sitar – Publishing House «Tipoligon-AB», Moscow, 2007

Nikolay Kulebyakin «Reality and fantasies».  Text by A. Strelcova N. Kulebyakin Moscow: Art-Volkhonka, 2017 – ISBN 978-5-906848-19-2


Catalogues of group exhibitions / books (selected)


«Photo». According to motives of the exhibition «Photo Lens And Life», 1984. Publishing House «Planet», Moscow, 1985.

«Soviet Photographs». Catalogue of the exhibition, Gallery Hippolite, Helsinki, Finland, 1988.

Changing Reality. Essay by Leah Bendavid–Vahl. Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, USA, 1991 – ISBN 912347–7–6–7.

Viviane Esders. A La Recherche Du Pepe. Preface Henry Chapier. Paris Audiovisuel, 1993 – ISBN 2–90473258–5.

«Art of Modern Photography: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus». Catalogue of the exhibition, CDK, 1994 Introductory article by E. Berezner. Moscow, 1994.

4+4. Late Modern: Photography Between the Mediums. Catalogue of the exhibition. Essay by S. Yates. Museum of Santa Fe, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, USA.

Aufbruch. Catalogue of the exhibition. Essay by Evgeny Berezner. Cologne, Germany, 1998.

IDEA Photographic: After Modernism. Essays by S. Yates, S. Halus. Museum of Santa Fe, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe – ISBN 0–9675106–5–1.

N. Kulebyakin. The Color Only. Text for exhibition by art-director of the Festival I. Tchmyreva – Catalogue of the I International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA. PhotoVisa edition, Krasnodar, 2008, pp. 11-12, 47-48.

Text for exhibition by curator of the exhibition and art-director of the festival I. Chmyreva – Catalogue of the VII International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA. PhotoVisa edition, Krasnodar, 2014, pp. 57-60, 108, 110.

N. Kulebyakin. Development of Unconditional. Text by I. Chmyreva – Catalogue of 27th  International festival of photography “Month of Photography”, Bratislava, Slovakia. Edition of FOTOFO, Slovakia, 2017. pp. 52-53.


Periodicals (portfolio publication)

D. Kiyan «Nikolay Kulebyakin: Echo Of Fleeting Harmonies» – FOTO & Video, # 5, August 1997 – pp. 78-84.

T. Salzirn, book review about N. Kulebyakin «Fragments» – IMAGO, # 10, 2000 – p.69.

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Review on exhibition by N. Kulebyakin in Moscow Museum of Modern Art. – Imago, # 21, 2005, ISBN 1335 – 1362 – pp. 60-61

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Monthly photos, 2011, VOL.516 №1, cover photo, p.061-063, Seoul, South Korea

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Iskusstvo (ART) magazine, 2016, #2, cover photo, pp. 100-109, Moscow


Reviews in the art–press

J. Gambrell «The Post Bulldozer Generation» – ART in AMERICA, May, 1995 – pp. 51-59.


Photo: Olga Belova